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School of Audio Engineering (SAE)

Audio Technology

2009 - 2010

​New York - U.S.A

School of Higher Education in Advertisement and Marketing (ESPM)

Bachelor in Business Administration and Marketing

2003 - 2007

​São Paulo - Brazil

| Education

High Proficiency in Pro Tools and Logic

Proficiency in WWise and FMOD

Sound Design, recording, mixing and mastering techniques

Stereo Recording Techniques: XY, ORTF, etc.

EQ, compression, sound layering, editing, noise cleaning, spatial simutation, etc.

Small and Big Consoles Experience: NEVE, SSL, API, etc.

| Technical Skills

| Work Experience

Freelancer Audio Artist

2011 - Present

Sound designing, implementation and sound editing for games.

Sound designing, voice over recording and sound editing for ads and short films.

Recording and mixing engineer for major and independent artists, such as Rita Lee, Versus3, Tulipa Ruiz, ailaika, among others.

The Coalition Studios | Microsoft

QA Analyst | Jan. - Apr. 2018

QA Analyst, focused in audio, but also for general gameplay, design and connectivity issues for the game Gears 5.

S.A. Plant Studios | A9 Audio

Audio Engineer | 2010 - 2012

Audio engineer of the studio, giving technical support for Roy Cicala, worldly known music producer.

Recorded and mixed major and independent artists, such as Lobão, Alice Cooper, Otto, Marcelo Jeneci, among others

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