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Each project is unique. So each estimate is unique too.

Since I'm a freelancer that creates custom made sound design and music, creating a specific estimate for your project is part of the process. And to do so, I analyze your scope, deadlines, creative needs, possibilites, etc.


I usually work in two different ways, letting the client to decide which one is better for their project:

Fixed Budget per Project

After analyzing the GDD and having a talk with the project producers / developers, I create a custom estimate based on the all the project needs and variables.

This way, the client knows exactly how much they are paying for and what's included on that: how many assets, implementation, minutes of music, etc etc etc.

Hour based - Music Minutes

This one is more straight-foward. I charge per work done, without creating an estimate for the whole project. The producer/developer demands some assets/music, I deliver and charge accordingly:

  • A fixed $ per hour of work on sound design and/or implementation

  • A fixed $ per minute of music delivered (ready to implement)

To do that, we just need to agree on a price per hour of work / per minute of music.

It's that simple.

So, if you want to work with me, or just get a quote, write me and we can start from there.


I'm always interested in new and interesting projects to collaborate!

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